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01 June 2014 @ 04:08 pm


I'm so excited the PC is making more of these cuties! Looking forward to Ruby/Sapphire since hopefully they'll release even more then... idk! I just feel so blessed that my collection can finally get bigger with new merchandise. I'm gonna have to buy another stand for my charms since these ones will fill it up. :D

Gonna buy two of each set at least; one to keep MIP, one to take the charms off and display. Might get a third Darkrai set so I can have two Darkrai to use as earrings.

Might host a group buy on the community for a couple extra sets since I'd only be ordering charms and then split shipping per charm - obviously I'm paying the most (with at least 17 charms) but it should be cheaper?? Isn't base shipping $8 to US from JP?

Edit: Maybe it won't work? Idk I'll have to do the math when pick up prices are listed.
caffwincaffwin on June 2nd, 2014 05:07 am (UTC)
They are! ;-;
I didn't think they would release such a classic (older) line for the newer pokemon, I'm absolutely stoked! I need a couple sets too, one to keep mint of course and the other for my keys. Hanging them on a chain around your neck is also an awesome idea!

Things are going great! Did that VGC audition go well, by the way? I'm currently looking into tickets for DC (worlds, yay!) and I hope we can see eachother there this year. :D