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I have sales permission from denkimouse as of March 10, 2011.

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I collect the Marill family, Cresselia, Darkrai, Pokedoll Charms, and Pokedolls.

More Than Beauty is my very own website, exclusively for Pokedoll Charms!
There are pictures of each individual charm ever made as well as a detailed history about them.
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rill pd

Sun & Moon Era Card Sales

Sales Information:

  • Minimum order of $1 in cards, please.

  • Please read all rules! Many commonly-asked questions are stated right here. :)

  • Specify which set you are ordering from. I've already listed this for you! If there is a number after the card, include that, too, because multiple versions of that Pokemon are in the same set.

  • Paypal fees are not included in prices or shipping and will be added to your total.

  • First come, first serve. 24 hours without a response and I will pass your items on to the next person. Please don't ask for quotes unless entirely necessary. Shipping estimates are listed below.

  • Refunds will not be given for packages that are damaged or lost in the mail. Purchase insurance if you need it.

  • Sales permission from denkimouse in 2011! Feedback located here.

Card Information:

  • All regular numbered cards from each set are pictured, but not all are available. Check underneath the photo to see what I currently have in stock. Inventory is always changing, so be sure to check back!

  • If full arts or rainbow/secret rares are available, I will specifically post those pictures underneath the regular set photos.

  • An asterick* indicates that I have reverse holos in stock of this card.

  • Multiples are available! Specify a quantity you would like, if necessary. I have over 20,000+ bulk cards sorted into boxes by set...

  • Condition of all cards is near mint. If card condition is not near mint, I will specify in this post.

Shipping Information:

  • I ship from Pennsylvania, United States.

  • Shipping in a plain white envelope starts at .50 cents US, $1.15 international. Only 8 cards can be shipped in a plain white envelope at this price. For more than 8 cards, pricing will go up depending on the weight of the package. Tracking is not available for this option.

  • Shipping in a bubble mailer starts at $3.50 US. Canada starts at $10, UK starts at $14, and so on. If you're ordering a ton of cards, it'll have to go in a bubble mailer. :)

  • Insurance and tracking are available for an additional fee. Please specify if you would like to add this to your order.

Prices (unless noted):

  • Commons: .10 cents

  • Uncommons: .15 cents

  • Rares: .20 cents

  • Holographic (reverse or regular): Add .10 cents

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rill pd

Pokedex Trading?

Hey all,

I'm trying to complete my pokedex for Omega Ruby and I need some event legendaries. Anyone willing to trade these?


I can trade you anything else from the pokedex. I am also a RNGer/breeder so I have access to many flawless/competitive bred regular and shiny Pokemon I've worked hard on collecting. Just ask!


Here's my competitive collection spreadsheet. Anything with the OT Andrea, Lena, and Noah are definitely available as I've done them all myself. Some of the others may be available as well (depends on the OT - events are mine and can be traded... others might belong to other users in which case I can't trade it - just ask).

♦ = Kalos/Hoenn Bred/Caught
✮ = Shiny

Anything with both symbols (despite the OT) are also for trade - most of them are shiny eggs bred by me but hatched by another user (if you're familiar with Shiny Value Checking that's why). 
rill pd



I'm so excited the PC is making more of these cuties! Looking forward to Ruby/Sapphire since hopefully they'll release even more then... idk! I just feel so blessed that my collection can finally get bigger with new merchandise. I'm gonna have to buy another stand for my charms since these ones will fill it up. :D

Gonna buy two of each set at least; one to keep MIP, one to take the charms off and display. Might get a third Darkrai set so I can have two Darkrai to use as earrings.

Might host a group buy on the community for a couple extra sets since I'd only be ordering charms and then split shipping per charm - obviously I'm paying the most (with at least 17 charms) but it should be cheaper?? Isn't base shipping $8 to US from JP?

Edit: Maybe it won't work? Idk I'll have to do the math when pick up prices are listed.
rill pd

Live Pokemon VGC Commentary Audition!!!!

Hello friends! Sorry I haven't posted in awhile... I've got a huge update on the way (well, technically two: irl and pokemon collecting) but I wanted to share something with you that I've been working on the past few days.

The official pokemon company is looking for new live commentators at the National and World VGC and TCG competitions. For those of you who remember, I've been participating in VGC (video game championships) for almost five years and it would be a true dream of mine to commentate this summer!

I uploaded my audition video today, and I'd be ever so grateful if you could show your support for me as I try to get hired!!! <3

Link to Audition:

Let me know what you think! You definitely don't have to watch the whole thing but is love feedback. If you could give the video a like and/or comment that'd be even better. I always want to improve do criticism and advice are welcome! :D
rill pd

IV Breeding?

Does anyone on my friends list do IV breeding to trade with other users? I have a very large supply of stuff available for trade if anyone wants to swap with me. :) I trade for IV bred Pokemon that I do not have yet.

I can be picky! I want females to be in matching poke balls or males with egg moves. I am primarily interested in females. <3

Here is my Trade Thread on Nugget Bridge. Pokemon for trade include: